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Commodity Trading AdvisorsPrograms
Abraham Investment ManagementFormula 72 H Client
Formula 72 H Proprietary
Abraham Investment ManagementFormula 72 L Proprietary
Formula 72M Client
Abraham Investment ManagementFormula 72 M Proprietary
Abraham Trading CompanySalem 2x Fund, L.P.
ACE Investment StrategistEnergy Sector Hybrid Approach (ESHA)
Multi-Market Hybrid Approach (MMHA)
Acorn Global InvestmentsThe Acorn Diversified Program
Advanced Arbitrage ConceptsAdvanced Arbitrage Concepts Account 1
Advanced Arbitrage Concepts Account 2
Advanced Arbitrage ConceptsAdvanced Arbitrage Concepts Account Closed
AG Commodity Trading Adviser, IncDelta Neutral Option Writing
Market Neutral Risk Optimized
AIS Capital Management, L.P.MAAP 2x-4x Composite
Amaryllis Asset Management Ltd.Baryon Momentum Global Fund
Anello Asset Management LLPAAM Isis FX Program Non US Clients
AAM Isis FX Program US Clients
Anello Asset Management LLPAAM Plexus FX Program
Ansbacher Investment Management, Inc.Ansbacher Elizaville Partners LP
Atlantic-Pacific Trading GroupEnhanced Turtle Trader Program
Attain Portfolio AdvisorsModified Program
Strategic Diversifcation Program
Aventis Asset Management LLCAventis Diversified Commodity Fund
Back Bay FX Services LLCNeural Stock Index Program
Bair Capital ManagementPolaris
Becker Asset Management, LLCProgram 1- Client
Program 1- Proprietary A
Becker Asset Management, LLCProgram 1 - Proprietary B
Bluenose Capital Management, LLCBNC BI
Bluenose Capital Management, LLCBNC EI
Camkay Capital Management LLCStock Indices Short-Term
Candor Capital Advisors LLCCandorFX Series 1.1
Ceres Funds Management, LLCAgriculture Program
Agriculture Program 1.5x
Cervino Capital Management LLCDiversified Options Strategy 1X
Diversified Options Strategy 2X
Cervino Capital Management LLCGold Covered Call Writing
Conover Investments LLCOil Trading Program
Covenant Capital ManagementAggressive Program
Optimal Program
Covenant Capital ManagementOriginal Program
Crescent Bay Capital Management, Inc.Balanced Volatility Program
Conservative Growth Index Program
Crescent Bay Capital Management, Inc.Premium Stock Index Program
CTA Partner Services LLCBocken Trading, LLC
Ditsch Trading, LLC
CTA Partner Services LLCM&R Capital LLC
Opus Futures LLC
Deep Field Capital AGSINGULARITY Fund (1x)
Deep Field Capital AGSINGULARITY Program
DeSoto Capital Management, LLCDeSoto Capital Management EMini Program
Diamond Capital Management LLCEnhanced S&P Program
Doherty Advisors LLCGrey Swan Equity Hedge
Relative Value Plus (RVP)
ETS Capital LLCEquity Index Futures
Financial Commodity Investments (FCI)Credit Premium Program
Option Selling Strategy
Futures Truth Company CTAMS4
Global Advisors (Jersey) LimitedGlobal Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund PLC
Global Edge Capital ManagementKondor Edge
Global Sigma Group, LLCGlobal Sigma Equity Advantage
Global Sigma Fund
Global Sigma Group, LLCGlobal Sigma Plus
Global Vista Advisors, LLCGlobal Vista Currencies ("GVC")
Global Vista Indexes ("GVI")
Global Vista Advisors, LLCGlobal Vista Options ("GVO")
Global Vista Quad ("GVQ")
GLOBIVESTThe Alpha Program
GT CAPITAL CTAGT Dynamic Trading Program
Hartswell Capital Management IncMP - 1
Hyman Beck & CompanyHyman Beck Global Portfolio
Hyman Beck Volatility Analytic Portfolio
Insch Capital Management SAINSCH - Kintillo (ICP) x3 Leveraged Net
Insignia Managed CapitalEpoch3
Integrated Managed FuturesIMFC Global Concentrated Program
IMFC Global Investment Program
Intex CapitalIntex Capital Covered Options
Investment Capital Advisors (ICA) LLCICA Managed Account Program
Iron Fortress FX USAIron Fortress FX USA Low Vol FX Futures Program
Jersey Shore Portfolio ManagementJSI Select
JKI-Futures, LLCEtiron Large 2x (client)
Etiron Large 2x (prop.)
Junzi Capital Engineering, LLCTang Gamma Opportunity (Aggressive)
K4 Capital Management, LLCMVS
MVS Flex
K4 Capital Management, LLCMVS LITE
K & Q Futures Inc.K & Q Option Select
Katmai Capital Advisors LtdCommodities+
KingsviewKingsview Short Term Opportunity Program - SISA
Kingsview Theta Multi Market Method Program
KingsviewKingsview Theta Stock Index System (SIS)
Kinkopf Capital Management, LLCKCM S&P SELECT (Prop)
Kinkopf Capital - S&P (Prop)
Lexington Asset ManagementLexington Keystone Trading Program Class A
Lexington Keystone Trading Program Class B
MacroTrend StrategiesGlobal Horizon
Matic Capital AllocationMatic Program
Midwest Trading Partners, LLCMicro-Arbitrage Program (MAP)
Mifte CapitalFx Alpha
MKC Global Investments, LLCMKC Global Fund, LP
Molinero Capital ManagementMolinero Global Markets Program
Monterosso Investment Management CompanyMonterosso Short-Term Managed Futures
Newport Private Capital, LLCOptimum Income Program
NickJen Capital Management & Consultants LLCNatural Resource Discretionary Fund - NRD-1
NovoDyn Advisors LLCNDC Mean Reversion FT - A
NDC Mean Reversion FT - A (Extended Markets)
Omni Trading LLCBayou City Capital LP
Opes Capital Group, LLCOpes Capital Group
Option Capital AdvisoryOCA Premium
Orion Capital AdvisorsOrion Beta Opportunity Strategy (Client)
Orion Beta Opportunity Strategy (Propietary)
Parizek Capital, Inc.Parizek Currency
Parizek Futures
Pere Trading Group, LLCPere Trading Program
Portfolio Concept Vermoegensmanagement GmbHPC Global Systematic
Postrock Capital ManagementAgMeat Spread Program
Protec Energy Partners LLCET1
QFS Asset Management, LPQFS Currency Program
QuantamQuantam GSA Multistrategy x1
Quant Trading, LLCFX Basket Quant - Currency Trading Program
FXC - Currency Trading Program
Quant Trading, LLCFX Index Arb - Currency Trading Program
FX Quant 11 - Currency Trading Program
Quantum Leap Capital ManagementQuantum Leap Capital Management (CTA)
Quiddity LLCQuiddity Earnings Diversification
Red Squirrel Investments Group LtdRSQ ag option trading
RSQ delta neutral options
Rho Asset Management AGRho Altius 1XL Program
Ring Capital Management LLCS&P E-Mini Select
Rivoli Fund ManagementRivoli International Fund EUR
Rivoli International Fund USD
Rivoli Fund ManagementRivoli International Fund V9 EUR
Rivoli International Fund V9 USD
Rosen Capital Advisors, LLCRosen Capital Advisors
Side Op, LLCSide Op Trading Program
SilverBack Managed Futures PA LLCSilverBack Managed Futures
Strategic Synergy Investments, LLCPower One
Tactical Wolverine
Tactical Investment Management Corp.Tactical Institutional Commodity Program
TETRAD Asset Management, LLCTETRAD
Third Street Ag InvestmentsThird Street Ag Investments
Tianyou Asset Mangement LLCTianyou Fund
Tlaloc Capital, LLCGrains
Trend Traders LLCTurtle Trader 100
Tungsten Capital Management GmbHTungsten TRYCON Basic Invest HAIG
Tzanetatos Capital Management LLCGlobal Titan/ Original Program
UNISystems Research Inc.ODINET
Vision Capital Management,LLCNeptune
VST Capital Management, LLCVST CQR
White Indian Trading Company LimitedSCS
SCS Interest Rate
White Indian Trading Company LimitedSCS Interest Rate proprietary
SCS (Prop)
White Indian Trading Company LimitedSC Strangle Energy prop
SC Strangle proprietary
White Indian Trading Company LimitedSTAIRS - Client Accounts
STAIRS Futures only
White Indian Trading Company LimitedSTAIRS - Proprietary
Xiva Asset Management LimitedAxiom Intraday Futures
XVA Capital Management, LLCThe Purple Sheet
Zeno Capital LimitedMillenium